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Dog Walking

Sydney | Northern Beaches Dog Walker

Dog Walking Assesment

Your first dog walk is an assessment to make sure your dog will be placed with the right dog walking pack. We need to make sure your dog suits the
dog pack. This works both ways as we want to make sure your dog isn’t under stress from new dogs joining the dog walking pack.

Let your dog build their social skills (and dog walking skills haha) and let them be part of my Sydney Northern Beaches dog walking pack. All Sydney Northern Beaches dog walking packs are a maximum of 4 dogs but like to keep it at 3. Not just confined to the Sydney Northern Beaches dog walking parks, We love to walk them all over the Northern Beaches and let them walk | sniff | run their way around. Dawgy Walks & Daycare love dogs of all ages, from the adult dog, walking|strolling to puppy walks, we’ve got it covered. Puppy walking is very important to the socialisation of your puppy. A well-socialised puppy is the foundation of a well-mannered dog, and a simple puppy walk can do the world difference. With a strong commitment to the right walking group, all dogs are assessed first and evaluated to make sure they are suited to the right Sydney | Northern Beaches dog walking pack.



Individual Dog Walks

Does your dog or puppy need some one on one time? Are they a bit old to dog walk all the way and might need Dawgy Walks to maybe pick them up? Maybe they donít get along with every dog? Well, this individual dog walk is for them. Let me take out your dog or puppy for an hour walk to somewhere on Sydney’s Northern Beaches, where they will receive the proper exercise/walk so it wonít wear you, or your house out. Iím sure weíve all come home to a dog with too much time, and too many things to chew on. A simple puppy walk or dog walk can really make a difference to your house and well-being.