Karl & Judi: Zorro, Staffi 

Judi and I wanted to say a few words of gratitude for the way in which you take care of our beloved Zorro. Zorro has grown significantly under your care and his enthusiasm for you is obvious every single visit. We are thrilled to be working with you and look forward to a long and happy relationship. 

Kyung Suk: Milkshake, Maltese Cavaliers

Travelling as much as I do, Mark has always dropped everything to help me when I’am in a pickle. When i heard he was heading in this direction, its seemed so natural.

Matt: Poppi, Labrador 

Poppi absolutely loves it when Mark comes over, i think its because of the treats he seems to always carry in his pocket. Sometimes I think he doesn’t even like me and is only using me to get to my dog haha.

Marg: Ridgeback, Rhodesian Ridgebacks

We have known and trusted Mark for the past 20 years.


Anna: Mungo, Hungarion Vizsla

Mark has a natural ability to handle dogs. He is kind, knowledgable and enthusiastic.  My Hungarian Vizsla loves being cared for by Mark and “Mungo” is energetic and nervous. 

Roy:  Nelson, Boston Terrior

Mark has been a really good friend for a long time, yet always more excited to see my Boston terrier Nelson than myself. He can puppy sit my dog any day of the week.

Troy: Amelia, Rotti

I think the biggest thing is I completely trust Mark with my girl (Amelia), as he genuinely loves her and I can see she responds to him. 

Toby: Toasty, Staffi

Toasty loves Mark, but we miss Toasty, bring back Toasty Mark!

Brendan: Olive, French Bulldog

Mark’s the best with Olive.